Dr. Super and Dr. Green understand the mechanism of injuries associated with lifting weights and will make recommendations on training programs in conjunction with your treatment plan.  Because of the demands of bodybuilding and weight lifting, over-use injuries are very common. By nature, this sport/activity produces muscular imbalances if the person does not carefully intertwine prehab protocols in their program. Prehab is simply corrective exercises that are meant to target weaknesses and dysfunctions in the individual to prevent injury. Whereas rehab exercises are for post-injury, prehab is pre-injury. The main problem with most resistance training exercises is that they target the superficial “beach” muscles. These muscles then grow bigger, stronger and more powerful. However, if you do not train the stabilizers around these large muscles, you have a perfect recipe for over-use injuries. These injuries can be anything from a strain or tendonitis, injuries severe enough that surgical options may be necessary. Our goal is to address and treat injuries before surgery becomes the only option, and develop a program for the present and the future.

Common weightlifting injuries treated

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